Hypertension management beyond the physician’s office.

Seamless remote patient engagement to deliver data driven outcomes.

Reducing risk of cardiac events

Nearly 800,000 strokes and 1,100 deaths a day occur yearly in the US.

Lowering cost of healthcare

$2000 additional annual healthcare spend for high blood pressure

Going beyond just medication

Medication does not work for almost 50% of the population.

How It Works

The program involves moderate commitment for you to achieve results, but it is designed to custom fit your preferences and has been proven to be effective.

7 Days
We learn about a patient’s blood pressure & current lifestyle to design a program specific to each individual.
12 weeks
Providing patients a nutrition, exercise, sleep & stress plan that dynamically changes every 3 weeks through data driven clinical decisions.
+4 months
We continue to help monitor, educate, and support patients as they make progress in their health & wellness.

Making Blood Pressure Management Accessible & Easy

Blood Pressure

Daily Habits

Medication Adherence


Nutrition Plan

Exercise Plan

Tools & Education

Sleep Management

Stress Management

Clinical Support

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We empowers people to achieve their health goals through sustainable lifestyle change.

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